About XPR Motorsports

Chad Braun, owner and founder of XPR started business in 2008 just 3 short years after moving from his hometown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As far as he can remember, Chad had a passion for bikes. Although he worked on his own cars and did all the work on them, his true passion was bikes. Chad got his start hands on from a reluctant shop owner in Calgary specializing in Ducati service & performance. With no prior work experience on bikes other than maintaining his own, the owner was taking a chance on him. Fast forward 6 years and Chad custom built his own Ducati from nuts and bolts, with the exception of spraying the paint he did it all. Had the shop owner of the Ducati shop not given him the chance on working on these prestigious bikes, Chad may never had been given the opportunity elsewhere.

During his teen years, Chad raced most of the local and provincial races throughout Canada. Placing in the top 3, Chad aspired to be an established National Rider. While most parents were taking their kid’s bikes to bike shops, Chad, a bike enthusiast was hands on and self-taught himself all the service on his bikes. He knew at a very young age that owning his own shop was always what he wanted.  He would work in his parent’s garage in Canada helping out friends. Now operating in Southern California -the hub of MX/SX racing, Chad is a long way from general service on his own and friend’s bikes out of his parent’s garage.  To now working with professional race teams and riders locally and internationally, Chad never forgets where he started.

Although he never had the chance to fulfill his National Championship goal, Chad was able to take his racing experience and from that give back to his customers and race teams a competitive edge to those not being supported by factory teams as well as for the bike enthusiast.