Yamaha ECU with XPR Custom Maps

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Get Maximum Performance from Your Yamaha with Our ECU and XPR Custom Maps!

XPR recommends a Vortex ECU with our Custom Maps for fuel and ignition control to improve starting, power and ultimately faster lap times. You can simply plug in the Vortex  ECU and switch between 10 different fuel and ignition timing maps.  Your Vortex ECU with XPR Custom Maps will improve starting, rev limits, fuel timing, throttle enrichment, and much more! Have more questions? Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

XPR develops custom maps to improve the performance of your bike. We offer our custom maps that we have developed with trusted industry test riders like Kris Keefer and top-level pros. Bring you a more connected throttle to rear wheel feel, broad linear power, less engine braking and customizable power delivery. Click here.