CRF 450 XPR Clutch Arm Instructions

CRF 450 XPR Clutch Arm Instructions

Step by Step Honda CRF450R XPR Clutch Arm Install


Instructions on how to remove OE clutch arm and install an XPR custom clutch arm.

Important note: Use the torque values listed in the instructions. Otherwise, use the torque specifications found in your OE service manual.


Metric socket set (at least 8 mm & 10 mm clutch nut removal)

Torque wrench (in-lb & ft-lb, or N-m)

 Start with have bike on a stand.

  1. Back off tension from the clutch cable by turning the clutch perch    clockwise.  
  2. Remove clutch cable bracket with the cable from the left side cover.
  3. Lay the bike on its left side when replacing the clutch. This makes working on the clutch easier and eliminates the need to drain the oil.
  4. Remove the bolts from the clutch pressure plate.
  5. Remove pressure plate and the throw-out assembly.
  6. With a magnet pull the push rod out from the inside of the input transmission shaft.
  7. On the left side remove the oem clutch arm and install the XPR clutch arm.
  8. Reinstall the push rod.
  9. Reinstall the bearing and pressure plate.
  10. Thread in the bolts in a cross pattern.
  11. Torque bolts to spec (9 ft lb)
  12. Remove any oil from the clutch cover surface and the right-side cover.
  13. Install clutch cover and torque bolts to spec. (7 ft lb)
  14. Reinstall clutch cable end on clutch arm clevis and install the bracket. Torque bolt to spec. (7 ft lb)
  15. Turn the clutch perch counter clockwise readjust lever free play to OE specification (10-20 mm). [not necessary for hydraulic bikes].